Last Saturday, on the 20th of May 2023, an extraordinary opportunity came knocking on the door for The Yankees' Little League team. During the Rough Riders game, they had the opportunity to experience something unforgettable. From running onto the field alongside the starting pitcher, Ricky Vanasco, to capturing timeless memories with the Rough Riders mascot, Deuce, it was a day filled with excitement and joy.

Ricky Vanasco

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the game, I couldn't resist photographing Derek and Ricky Vanasco together. The image perfectly reflects the sheer joy and determination on their faces. It symbolized the meeting of two worlds—the aspiring Little Leaguer and the skilled professional player. It was a moment frozen in time, a memento that forever reminded Derek of his dream to reach greater heights in baseball.

Ted E Bear

The excitement didn't stop there. After the exhilarating run onto the field, the Yankees took a team photo with none other than Ted E Bear, the beloved mascot of the Rough Riders. Ted E Bear, with his furry and friendly demeanor, connected instantly with the young players. The team gathered around the mascot, their smiles lighting up the frame as they posed proudly. They displayed their team spirit and camaraderie throughout their Little League journey.

Enjoying the Moment

Participating in events like the Rough Riders game stretches beyond the thrill of the moment. It teaches our children invaluable life lessons. Little League experience instills discipline, teamwork, and hard work. It nurtures their passion for the sport and helps them grow both as athletes and individuals. The Yankees' day at the game was a testament to dreams, dedication, and team support.