Raquel & Phillip Turner

James & Jasmin Photography

We are a husband and wife photography team based in Frisco, TX. We share a passion for capturing life's most precious moments through our cameras. Despite their differences, our styles - bright and happy versus dark and moody - may seem like polar opposites, but together they create a unique and balanced perspective on photography.

Our journey began as a hobby, but our love for photography grew stronger as we captured more and more special moments for ourselves and our loved ones.


— James & jasmin photography

A Little About Us


I’m Raquel

I was born and raised in Inglewood, CA. I am a mother of three who I love dearly. I am a wife and life long partner to my husband and so happy I meet him. I love going to the beach and spending quality time with my family.


I'm Phillip

I was born in Dallas, TX and raised in Magnolia, AR. I am a father of three beautiful boys. Yes... I got lucky enough to have all boys. I love to fish and watching my boys be great at their sports. Oh yeah... coffee... LOTS OF COFFEE!



We have a wide range of photos that we specialize in. Raquel loves weddings and family portraits. Phillip loves branding, headshots, and sports photography.


Interesting Fact

We have been married 10 years (as of Oct. 2023). We have developed something within our relationship that allows up to work but also still be able to enjoy each others company. Photography has truly helped us so much within our marriage.